Mid-Autumn Festival (Moon Festival)

Mid-Autumn Festival (Moon Festival)

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festivals are dedicated to celebrating a good harvest by the exchange of “mooncakes” on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar based on the Gregorian calendar. “Mooncakes” are round pastries usually eaten in a family gathering during the festival. Continuing the traditional fundamentals of the festival, the IUSB Chinese Student Association and Taiwanese Students Association invite you to celebrate their heritage by attending the Mid-Autumn Festival this Saturday (Sept 21, 2013) at the Potawatomi Park from 3:00-6:00pm.


To find out more about this festival, please join the two IUSB organizations to welcome newly arrived Chinese international students on campus and try a piece of mooncake! This event is open to all students and professors. Refreshments will be provided with the cost of $15/person. A reservation is required by emailing to one of the contacts below.

Yujiao Qiu (Joy) qiuyujiao [at] hotmail.com

Yuan Ting Chung (Ethan) ethan.chung2009 [at] gmail.com

Image: Mid-Autumn festival in Beijing.


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