¡Pura vida!

On Wednesday, September 19, 2013, the Spanish club and the International Programs co-hosted an event promoting overseas studies featuring the “Costa Rica in the Spring” program as the directors of our partner school, Gary and Alberto of the Academia de Español Nicoya visiting the U.S. to promote their school in different universities throughout the country. The event began by presenting two student speakers sharing their study abroad experience: Sarah Smeltzer, from the London/Edinburgh program offered by IU South Bend and Brian Miller, from the Nanzan University in Nagoya program offered by IU Bloomington.

Sarah’s informative presentation with pictures from her journey and her priceless memories of winning the “Amazing Race”, as coordinated by the London/Edinburgh program trip leader, initiated the amusing evening. Followed by a captivating presentation from Brian Miller, revealing how he “overcome” the cultural differences while studying abroad in Japan. Alberto and Gary’s presentation highlighted the event with two presentations: an intricate outline from the “Costa Rica in the Spring” program and fascinating summary of the national parks in Costa Rica presenting its fauna and flora life in their eco-system. See the attached picture for the slithery snake that Ai Wan Choong spied on her trip last spring!



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