The Best of Times, The Wurst of Times: A Festival For the Ages

The historic Driers meat market ( in Three Oaks, Michigan is celebrating a century in business this Saturday, the 19th of October.  They’ve declared a Wurst-Fest for the day, to run from noon to seven pm.


Even vegetarians will likely find something notable (we might say tasteful) and enjoyable about the shop and its owner, Caroline Drier.  The Drier family is originally from the city of Bremen, a large river-port town in northwest Germany perhaps forty miles from the North Sea coast.


The traditional family recipes used today in preparing the food and smoked meats at Driers still carry notable characteristics of that region.  In 1976, the store was recognized as a National Historic Site.  It has been in the Drier family since 1913, and a meat market since 1875, shortly after the end of the Civil War (prior to that it was a wagon repair shop, of all things).


I find this festival intriguing and compelling because there is a complex set of things being celebrated (German-American heritage, the history of the town itself, the longevity and unique historic perspective of an unusual family business) all at once, and all herded in under the heading of delicious smoked meat products.  By the way, if sausages and wurst are not the best choice for you, there are other options to be had in the village of Three Oaks.

It appears (via strictly informal sampling) to have the highest per-capita number of art galleries and funky-cool resale shops of any town in the midwest, as well as a theater featuring live shows, a refurbished corset factory, and bespoke whisky:



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