The benefits of study abroad!

Who doesn’t want to have adventures, see exciting things, and create lifelong friends through a wonderful bonding experience? What student does not want to enrich their education, receive college credit, and gain great job experience all at the same time? If any of these apply to you then you should contemplate studying abroad. While you study abroad, you will be able to further your academic career in an international environment.

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Money is the largest obstacle that prevents students from gaining valuable experience and knowledge from studying abroad. Did you know that students can use financial aid, scholarships, & loans toward the cost of travel and fees? Did you know that there are several scholarships designed specifically for study abroad programs? That means that you can study abroad, gain beneficial experience and build your resume without carrying the financial burden at a time in your student career when finances are tight. Studying abroad is typically cheaper than similar trips taken by oneself and has the added benefits of receiving financial support and college credit without all the hassle of planning the trip.
Not only do these classes distinguish you from your peers, but most study abroad programs count for general education requirements. This means that while you enjoy experiencing a new culture, you will also accelerate your growth in language skills and get college credit. What better way of getting out of the school-work-school rut than a trip to foreign country with financial support and college credit?
Study abroad programs will stimulate you, inspire you, and challenge you in ways that will expand your mind and help you appreciate not only the foreign culture, but American culture as well and how it fits into the world. In an increasingly interconnected world, expansion of thoughts and experiences is essential to gaining a wider perspective and to distinguish oneself from peers.
International study abroad programs are beneficial for all areas of study and are the simplest and most fun way to distinguish oneself from other applicants in both the workforce and graduate school. Study abroad programs provide a unique opportunity for you that would likely be more costly in the future and more difficult to do as life responsibilities expand. Take the time to look into these programs and discover how they can benefit you, giving you unforgettable and invaluable experiences, setting you apart from others and enabling you to be a better world citizen.
Get more information about study abroad opportunities at Indiana University, South Bend’s Office of International Programs


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