IU South Bend Hosts Talk by Syrian Activists

South Bend – Syrian international student Hala Alkattan is eager to inform American-born students and community members about the current situation in her home country. When the Political Science Club offered students an opportunity to organize events of interest to them, Alkattan eagerly volunteered.
“One cannot ignore the issue of belittling humanity and tearing away rights from the innocent. We must ask people to open their hearts and speak their minds for the Syrian people,” says Alkattan.

 IU South Bend’s Political Science Club has teamed up with the campus American Democracy Project to host an informative Syria Times Talk.


Raghid Kadi, Syrian Activist

Suzanne Kawamleh, Syrian Activist 

Raghid Kadi is a Granger resident, and he is a pharmacist at Rite Aid in Dowagiac, Michigan. He is originally from Hama, Syria and he came to America in 1986, and to Michiana in 1991. He also just started a project called, Syrian Orphans Sponsoring. Syrian Orphans Sponsoring is an organization that delivers food, and medical supplies to Syrians that need it.

Suzanne Kawamleh is a pre-med student at Valparaiso University, and she lives in Valparaiso, Indiana. Suzanne was born and raised in the States, but her parents are Syrian immigrants from Daraa, Syria. Over the summer she visited the one of largest refugee camps, Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, to deliver food and medical supplies to the Syrian refugees. She is constantly trying help raise awareness for Syria, by organizing fundraisers, and food drives.

Central Topics:
What is the news reporting?
Is this really a civil war?
What is happening with refugees?
What is it like in the refugee camps?
How does this impact me? 

This public forum will take place on Monday, November 11th from 7:00-8:15 p.m. including time for Q&A.

Location: Fireside Room, The University Grill, Administration Building



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