Application Deadline for Florence/Costa Rica is Feb. 24

The application deadline for both the Florence Painting & Sculpting program and the Costa Rica Health Promotion and Disease Prevention program is February 24, 2014.

Here are a few details about the programs; more detailed information can be found at the links above.

Costa Rica

  • July 5-19, 2014 in San Jose and Shiroles, Costa Rica
  • Course No. DHYG-N390, which fulfills the Natural World Common Core requirement
  • $2,500, plus airfare, plus 3 credit hours tuition
  • Great opportunity to do some good for a local Costa Rican community!


  • June 19 – July 18, 2014 in Florence, Italy
  • Designed for, but not limited to, IUSB art students
  • Classes:
    • Sculpture: FINA-S497 Independent Study in Studio Art, (1-6 CR).
    • Painting: FINA-S497 Independent Study in Studio Art, (1-6 CR).
    • FINA-A399 Art, Aesthetics and Creativity
  • $4,730.00, including airfare, plus six tuition credits, plus $250 refundable housing deposit


  • You can use financial aid to pay for overseas programs.
  • You don’t need to speak a foreign language.
  • Studying abroad is a fantastic opportunity with tons of long-term benefits!

Download and submit your application today!


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