“Talk Study Abroad, Eat Pizza” Recap

Did you miss the “Eat Pizza, Talk Study Abroad” event hosted by the Office of International Programs on Wednesday, Feb 12th? International-minded students with oversea studies interests gathered at the Grill in Fireside B at noon to discuss the possibility of participating in the study abroad programs available at IUSB. Currently, there are three study abroad programs available for the remaining academic year still accepting applications.

1. Costa Rica: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Trip Dates: Jul 5-Jul 19, 2014
Application Deadline: Feb 24, 2014
Trip Leader: Kristyn Quimby (krirhawk@iusb.edu)

2. Florence: Painting and Sculpting
Trip Dates: Jun 19-Jul 18, 2014
Application Deadline: Feb 24, 2014
Trip Leaders: Dora Natella (dnatella@iusb.edu), Ron Monama (rmonama@iusb.edu)

3. Mexico: Language, Culture and Society
Trip Dates: Jul 11-Aug 9, 2014
Application Deadline: March 20, 2014
Trip Leaders: John Davis (jdavis3@iusb.edu), Jay VanderVeen (jmvander@iusb.edu)

Can’t wait to apply? Here’s the link to the application on our website:  https://www.iusb.edu/intl-programs/application/index.php

In addition to the trips administrated by faculties at IU South Bend, there are over 250 overseas study programs, in 52 countries, speaking 17 different languages, administrated by Indiana University on all eight IU campuses. Every year, a study abroad advisor from IU Bloomington visits our campus to promote the oversea programs. This year, Danielle M. Samek, an experienced study abroad advisor working with IUSB students, succeeded in sending few of our fellow students abroad.

Faneromeni, a senior at IUSB, stated in response to her experience working with Danielle Samek, “She is an amazing person to work with! I had the pleasure of working with her and she would respond thoroughly to every question I had about the program. She is extremely helpful and supportive. I don’t think I would have made it if I didn’t have her help, advice and encouragement throughout the entire process”!

Another student, Daniela, said, “Studying abroad is an experience of a lifetime, but you have to be ready for all that studying abroad entails, before and during. Working with the program in Bloomington was a pleasant experience. I would definitely encourage students from IUSB to look at all your possibilities with the IU programs so that you can find a program that fits your ambition”.

Study abroad advisor contact information:

Danielle M Samek (dsamek@iu.edu)
Leo R. Dowling International Ctr.     (812) 855-9304 appointments
111 S. Jordan Avenue                         (812) 855-1145 phone
Bloomington, IN 47405-7709            (812) 855-6452 fax

For more information, please visit http://overseas.iu.edu/


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