The Social Work Student Association, in partnership with the IU School of Social Work, is organizing an event to show their support of the community affected by the kidnapping of the Nigerian School Girls. 

We will be organizing on Monday May 19, 2014 at 6:00 pm in Northside Hall Room 204. All are welcome, but be sure to be on time as some professors have given approval to utilize class time for this purpose. 

We will then take a picture with a banner reading “Social Workers Challenge Social Injustice” while holding smaller signs that say “Bring Back Our Girls” (these signs will be issued at the time of the event). The photograph will be shared via the IU School of Social Work Facebook Page. It is our goal to also get a local news and campus news to attend in order to bring community wide awareness to the event and to the involvement of the Social Work Student Association.

Disclaimer: By attending the event you agree to have your picture utilized for media purposes, your name will not be used in the media unless approved.

Please direct any questions to: Dr. John Gallagher ( or Erin Kelly ( 



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