A Lifetime of Experiences, All in One Week

5An adventure like to the one we experienced in Costa Rica only happens once in a lifetime. The beautiful sights and sounds, friendly people, stunning activities, and the amazing friendships that I formed there were unbelievable. Every expectation I entered the trip with were completely and wholly fulfilled. Costa Rica and, by extension, the people I spent my time with there, opened up my world and helped me grow as a person. Picking one day or experience to share out of all the memorable times is nearly impossible, but the exploit that left me with the most vivid and lasting memories was the trip to the waterfall.

To reach the waterfall in La Fortuna, the group had to descend a narrow staircase down through the canopy. The brief windows in the tree cover provided breathtaking views of the Waterfall2surrounding jungle and waterfall. Once we reached the base of the waterfall, it was time to shed shirts and shoes to submerge ourselves in the frigid and refreshing waters cascading down from above. The water was not only invigorating, but extremely powerful as well. Try as I might, my aquatic expertise did not afford me close proximity to the waterfall because of the immense strength generated by the water pouring into the pool below. It reminded me how strong the forces of nature can truly be and the scary beauty that accompanies it.

15A quite pool downstream from the waterfall provided a welcome respite to the powerful flood of liquid that had been coursing around us upstream. Crystal clear water and local fish enticed the group to lounge and swim in the relaxing waters. Always up for more excitement, I joined a few other adventurous souls on a hike through heart of the jungle. It was a winding path through underbrush, along steep drop-offs, and even a vast gorge that required a suspension bridge to traverse it. The scene at the peak of the hike opened up to a viewing deck on the edge of the cliff. It provided a stunning view of the waterfall and surrounding jungle, with the majestic, albeit ominous, volcano looming in the background.

The entire trip was a rewarding and rich way to spend my spring break, but the waterfall and hike stood out above all.  Costa Rica has many such amazing and diverse landscapes, each one more magnificent than the last. Its beautiful weather, accommodating people, and scenic settings would be sure to lure me back.

Blog Post by Killian Probst


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