Florence 2016

Today will be a little different than usual as we visit Future Florence Friday. Students of General Studies and the Arts have an opportunity to travel to Italy! Indiana University South Bend is going back to Florence in 2016. Professor Dora Natella will lead drawing and sculpture students, as well as General Studies majors, on a month long adventure around beautiful Italy. In conjunction with Santa Reparata, students will be living in student housing within Florence as they study the refined techniques of renowned Italian artists. I implore students with any curiosity of studying in Florence to watch this video featuring the 2016 trip leader, Dora Natella:

This program is worth six credit hours that can be earned during Summer I of 2016. The classes are FINA-S497: Independent Study in Studio Art-Sculpture, and FINA-A399: Art, Aesthetics and Creativity. Students must be of Sophomore status to apply and applications are due on February 1st, 2016. There are scholarships available specifically to study abroad students!

For more information on the Florence 2016 Study Abroad Program, visit the IUSB Website. Any further questions or inquiries should be directed to Professor Dora Natella (dnatella@iusb.edu), or Lisa Zwicker, Director of International Programs (zwicker@iusb.edu). Let’s go to Florence in 2016!

Rome, Italy. Photograph by Ryan Shields

Rome, Italy. Photograph by Ryan Shields


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