Fresh Fruit & Fresh Perspective

One of the greatest aspects of studying abroad is being immersed in another culture. Italy has an unfamiliar quality compared to the American mindset. They enjoy a much more relaxed lifestyle. For instance, the restaurants and shops will close for a few hours in the middle of the day for recreational and family time. In this time, Italians will cherish a long break away from their jobs before returning to work for a fairly long night. In this photograph, we see an open-air market operating and doing well after dark. Lush fruit and water are the main items for sale, along with snacks and wine at this particular shop. However, if the water isn’t carbonated, you know you’re at shop catering to tourists! Either way, it is imperative that students try the fresh fruit of these markets when studying in Italy.

Are you interested in going abroad? We are going back in 2016! Students of Drawing, Sculpting, and General Studies are encouraged to grasp the opportunity to live in Italy for a month. Students of any degree can also use elective credits to internationalize their education! Applications will be available shortly and their deadline is February 1st. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to go abroad with purpose!

One of many open-air markets in Rome. Photograph by Ryan Shields

One of many open-air markets in Rome. Photograph by Ryan Shields


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