Rich History & Impeccable Charm: The Magic of Venice

When I was told that Venice was part of the Florence abroad trip, I couldn’t begin to understand just how amazing that experience was going to be. I had no expectation to satisfy. Instead, Venice made its presence known in my heart through its impeccable charm and amazing scenery. Venice is known for its water channels as a method of transportation, but until you’re immersed in that kind of travel it is hard to imagine. The bus system is comprised entirely of boats, complete with floating Bus Stations. At any given time, residents of the city use their personal boats to migrate around the numerous waterways. In the bigger Venetian channels, extravagant yachts and immense cruise ships accentuate the beautiful Italian architecture. And of course, tourists from all over the world come to Venice and catch a ride on the famous gondolas as a way to soak in the magic of the city.

This image is of Venice’s most popular and renowned social square, the Piazza San Marco. This Piazza is where the Doges of the Venetian republic would operate and entertain Italian politicians and elites, as well as foreign diplomats. The Doge’s Palace (pictured on the right) was the venue for Venetian court for over 500 years before being turned into a museum. The story of the Piazza San Marco is enough to make anyone consider Venice’s historical importance, but the magnificence of the architecture and the beauty of Italy’s east coast make it an unforgettable and essential destination for any traveler!

Doge's Palace & Piazza San Marco. Photo by Ryan Shields.

Piazza San Marco & Doge’s Palace. Venice, Italy. Photo by Ryan Shields.


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