Free Travel Weekends in Italy

Students preparing to study abroad in 2016 should keep in mind that traveling to places not on the itinerary can enhance your international experience. There are many great places to visit in Italy and Europe as a whole, so choosing may be difficult. In 2015, groups of students used their free travel weekends by visiting places like Cinque Terre, Milan, Naples, and Pompeii of Italy as well as Madrid, Spain and Paris, France. You’re already so close, take your experience one step further!

Rome is a destination that has it all; beautiful scenery, amazing art works, and an incredibly rich history. Art and history students all over the world revere a chance to see Rome’s offerings. From the Pantheon to the Vatican to the Colosseum, this may be the right way to spend a travel weekend! Amo Roma!


Cityscape of Rome, Italy.


A fountain in Piazza San Pietro, Vatican City, Rome.


A small section of the Vatican’s numerous beautiful ceilings. Vatican City, Rome.


The Pantheon still stands despite nearly 2000 years of use. The Fontana del Pantheon (Fountain of the Pantheon) highlights the Piazza della Rotonda. Rome, Italy.



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