Getting a taste of the academic side of the Berlin and Prague trip with Student Traveler: Ethan Horvath

Guten Tag, friends! In Germany, students can learn about the history behind this incredible country on the Berlin and Prague study abroad trip!

  1. What is your major? When I studied abroad it was Political Science and German. Currently I am a MPA Candidate at IU with concentrations in Energy, and Sustainability and Sustainable Practices
  2. What cities and countries did you visit? I traveled to Prague, Czech Republic; Artzberg, Germany; and Berlin, Germany.

Students will have opportunities to learn about the rich history inside these cities, while using the city itself as a classroom!

  1. What is the coolest thing you learned on the trip? It is difficult to narrow it down to simply one experience. It was fascinating to learn about the similarities between the German and American cultures. I also loved experiencing the German history and political nature of the 1800’s and 1900’s.

10403919_10152440047280380_1309489720772498818_o (2)

This image of Ethan Horvath was taken in front of the Reichstag.

  1. How has this affected you academically overall? Studying abroad has given me the chance to confirm my career path and has given me the tools I need to succeed in my field of study.
  2. What was your biggest obstacle on the trip? While I was in Prague, I did not understand cultural norms at first. Because of this, I frequently became lost when exploring.

Traveling to foreign countries allows one to experience cultural differences and interact with locals. This will greatly advance students’ German speaking skills and give them knowledge of local customs.

  1. How did visiting the country affect your foreign speaking skills? Being around native German speakers immensely improved my speaking and understanding skills. I was able to pick up on subtle issues in my own speech much more easily when I returned to the US.

10390361_10152434249695380_2356771581080434082_n (2)

This image was taken in the DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik) Musuem in Berlin.

  1. What were the environments, rooms, and people like that you lived with on the trip? The people were absolutely amazing and hilarious. They definitely made the trip a great experience! The rooms left something to be desired, but they were manageable.
  2. What is the most interesting thing you learned about the German culture? In the German culture, daily activities are not very different than American daily activities. Both countries are highly developed and industrialized. Perhaps the biggest culture shock was their acceptance of renewable energies and almost pride of it.

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Blog post written by: Chrissy Bohlmann


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