Getting an inside scoop of the adventure on the Berlin and Prague trip with Student Traveler: Ethan Horvath

Guten Tag, friends! In Germany and the Czech Republic students can not only see Charles Bridge, Wenceslas Square, and Prague Castle, but also immerse themselves in city life on the Berlin and Prague study abroad trip!

  1. What is your major? When I studied abroad it was Political Science and German. Currently I am a MPA Candidate at IU with concentrations in Energy, and Sustainability and Sustainable Practices
  2. What cities and countries did you visit? I traveled to Prague, Czech Republic; Arzberg, Germany; and Berlin, Germany.

When in a foreign country, even day to day activities become an adventure. Talking to locals and indulging in customs is the fastest and richest way to learn about Germany and the Czech Republic.

  1. Tell me about your experience with the locals. Our group of students met with the Mayor of Arzberg, along with many locals who invited us to experience their city, food, and hospitality. These were the friendliest locals I have ever met. They genuinely seemed interested in why we liked Germany, our life experiences, and what our plans were once we graduated.

1535462_10152413655300380_1537885189434801720_n (2)

This image was taken in front of the Prague astronomical clock in Old Town Square.

  1. What was your favorite new food you tried there and what was it like? The Doner kebob was absolutely delicious. Even though it is made with lamb (which I do not enjoy) I still loved the taste because of the way they prepared it. Although it is not a traditional German cuisine, it was prevalent throughout Germany due to the historical and cultural ties shared between Turkey and Germany.

There are plenty of adventures to be had while traveling abroad. Students will return rich with memories, and hopefully a few postcards.

  1. What are the top 3 most fun activities you took part in on the trip? 1) Watching the World Cup with the residents of Arzberg at their tent party 2) Exploring historical sites in Prague (Charles Bridge, Wenceslas Square, Prague Castle) 3) Experiencing local German cuisine
  2. Tell me about your favorite memory from the trip? I was able to connect and learn about not just the countries I visited, but also my fellow classmates. This was especially true while overlooking Prague on Petrin Hill during our night of exploring Prague.

10403919_10152440047280380_1309489720772498818_o (2)

This image of Ethan Horvath was taken in front of the Reichstag.

  1. Do you want to study abroad again? With a German degree and a future degree in Energy and Sustainability, I expect to work in Europe one day. Studying abroad has given me a new outlook on how different countries view energy and sustainable practices. Given that all countries are not the same, I will need to visit additional countries in and around Europe to gain a better understanding of how those practices influence their choices.
  2. Why do you think others should study abroad? Studying abroad gives students a new perspective on the world. It also gives students the realization that the US is not a disconnected, lone country, but must act in accordance with other countries to better the globe.
  3. Once you were on the trip, was there anything you wished you would have done before you went on the trip? I wish I would have learned more about Czech mannerisms and cultural norms. It would have assisted me in daily interactions and wandering about the city.

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Blog post written by: Chrissy Bohlmann



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