Scholarship Deadline Rapidly Approaching

dollar-2-1003609-mLet’s talk money: there’s an upcoming scholarship deadline: March 3rd, for the David Starr Jordan and Gabrielle Robinson Scholarship. There is a relatively small number of scholarships earmarked exclusively for encouraging students to follow an international study curriculum. We’d like to change that and make more funds available to students, of course, but please realize that all financial aid one receives for a given semester can be applied to the expense of a study-abroad program, up to and including student loans. Besides that, there are only a few dedicated international-study-only scholarships, and that’s what’s important today.

Consider applying for the David Starr Jordan and Gabrielle Robinson Scholarship. This is a short-term study abroad scholarship, designed to support a student in one of the briefer trips the department has planned, such as Costa Rica, Florence, Oaxaca, or Berlin-Prague. If you’ve applied or been accepted to one of those programs (the application deadline for Costa Rica and Florence is today!), you should apply for this scholarship. Here’s a direct link to the application instructions.

travel-4-996209-mIn addition, check the International Programs “financial aid and scholarships” page for details on the Joseph L. and Julia B. Peyser Study Abroad Undergraduate Scholarships (deadline April 1st), and also aid available through the IU Office of Overseas Study Scholarships. Now stop staring at this blog, and go apply!


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