Trip leaders

Below please find a list of IU South Bend professors who lead IU South Bend study trips abroad.

Durban, South Africa 2015
Dé Bryant is a community psychologist who explores the role of the arts in social change and community-building. She partners groups in Michiana with sister sites in Durban, South Africa. She is Director of the Social Action Project (SOCACT) and professor at IU South Bend.

European Union, 2013
Neovi Karakatsanis, Professor of Political Science, studies Southern European politics, with an emphasis on Greece. She recently returned from a year-long sabbatical in Greece to serve as interim director of the Honors Program on campus.

Oaxaca, Mexico 2013
Jake Mattox is a student and scholar of U.S. literature, pretty much all periods. He is especially interested in the cultural and political interactions in the 19th century between the United States and the nations of the Americas, including Mexico.

Florence, Italy 2011 & 2013
Susan Moore teaches all levels of photography. In her own creative work, she creates a unique depiction of place in her photographs the landscape.

Florence, Italy 2012, 2014
Ron Monsma is a figurative artist who brings contemporary themes to the Baroque tradition of painting. He is Associate Professor of Drawing and Painting.

Oviedo, Spain, yearly (program geared to music majors)
Jorge A. Muñiz teaches composition and music theory at the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts. His compositions have been performed by soloists and orchestras in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Florence, Italy 2012 & 2014
Dora Natella studied sculpture in the classical tradition at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. In her work, she maintains and allegiance to a legacy of the figurative tradition from the Renaissance but with an openness to contemporary modes of expression. Natella teaches sculpture at Indiana University South Bend.

Berlin, Germany & Prague, Czech Republic 2011 & 2014
Kelcey Parker is an English professor and fiction writer, which means she makes things up for a living.

Costa Rica, 2014
Kristyn Quimby is a dental hygienist and Program Director of the Dental Hygiene program.  She is interested in the intersection of culture and health care and has a particular fondness for Costa Rica and the people there.

Oaxaca, Mexico, 2013
Elaine Roth teaches Film Studies and is currently working on a project on “Momophobia,” about the representation of mothers in popular U.S. films.  She is co-Associate Chair of the English department.

Costa Rica, yearly
Scott Sernau teaches courses on inequality, international development,| and sustainability.  He has taken student groups to Costa Rica for study and exploration ten times since 2004.

London, England & Edinburgh, Scotland 2013
Kyoko Takanashi teaches English literature of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.  She is a specialist in the history of the novel, and is interested in how fiction makes us think about history, communication, and community.

Berlin, Germany & Prague, Czech Republic 2012, 2014
Lisa Fetheringill Zwicker teaches German history and gender studies, writes about the fin-de-siècle “New Woman,” and is raising three boys ages 6, 4 and 1.


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