Getting a taste of the adventurous side of the London and Edinburgh trip with Student Traveler: Taylor Silveus

Hello, good day to you, friends! In England students can see Stonehenge, Abbey Road, and Westminster Abbey on the London and Edinburgh study abroad trip! As an intern for the International Programs at IU South Bend, I conducted an interview with Silveus about her experiences to give students an inside look at studying abroad.


This image was taken at Abbey Road, which is where the Beatles took their famous picture.

Students on the trip will get submersed in a foreign culture. Opportunities like this gives students a truly unique and enriching experience they will carry with them the rest of their lives.

  1. Describe your experience with locals. It was so fun meeting locals because their accents are fantastic, which is pretty cliché but still true. My favorite encounter was with a barista at Starbucks in London. I asked if they sold s’mores frappes and he could not figure out what I meant. It was hilarious trying to explain it to him and he even said to bring him a s’more the next time I came in!
  2. What was your favorite new food you tried there and what was it like? I bought gelato in Greenwich, England at this cute little market that sold handmade food and items. I went right for the salted caramel which I get whenever it’s an option for any kind of food. I’m a huge fan of ice cream, but the gelato was creamier and something I had never experienced in the US.

We practically guarantee that students will have memorable experiences and exciting adventures to tell their friends and family when they return. They will also have an experience that will impact them the rest of their lives.

  1. What were the most fun activities you experienced? My favorite places were Stonehenge, Westminster Abbey and visiting the pub from Kingsman: The Secret Service. Stonehenge was the most surreal place I have ever been. My nerdy side loves the mystery behind it too. It was awesome to learn about all of the evidence and theories of Stonehenge.

I loved going to the pub because Kingsman was one of my favorite movies that came out last year. It makes it better when I watch the movie now because I am able to say, “I’ve sat in that booth right there.”

I love Westminster more than the other two places I mentioned because I love everything about the royals. This is where William and Kate got married, Princess Diana’s funeral was held, and where the Queen still attends mass every Sunday. But besides that, the number of historical figures buried inside Westminster is humbling. The walls are lined with beautiful tombstones and statues representing people like Shakespeare, previous Kings and Queens, and Charles Dickens.


Stonehenge, just outside of London.

  1. Recount your favorite memory from studying abroad. My favorite memory from the trip was deciding to explore London with three other students. We were on our way to the London Eye and got lost, very lost. We got off at the wrong Tube station, so while we were walking the rest of the way, we stumbled upon this outstanding and strange graffiti tunnel. It was around half a mile long, and it was one of the coolest things I saw while abroad.
  2. Why did you go on the trip? Even throughout high school, I had planned to study abroad in college. I chose this trip because I am fascinated with England.
  3. Do you want to study abroad again? Yes, I want to study abroad again so badly. It was such an awesome experience meeting new people, both from the UK and the other students that went along. I plan to travel the rest of my life! I know visiting places like this after college won’t be as cheap as it is through the school, so I want to take advantage of that while I can.

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Blog post written by: Chrissy Bohlmann


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