Traveling by Train in Europe

One of the best ways to travel around in Europe is by train. Every country has one and many countries even have high speed trains, like the ICE in Germany. The train system in Europe goes everywher!. You can travel from major cities to small villages. It offers travelers a cheaper way to get around versus driving because gas in Europe is considerably higher than US prices, which are around $3.80 a gallon. In Europe they price per liter, which when first looking at the cost seems cheap until one does the math. For example, in the UK it costs $2.28 per liter for gasoline which equates to about $8.63 a gallon. Part of the reason why this is the case is because they have fantastic public transportation, so the need for private travel is lessened. Also, many European nations believe strongly in preservation of natural resources, and they tax those resources accordingly.

Germany's ICE trains

Germany’s ICE Trains

Not only is a cheaper way to travel and better for the environment, but it is also a great way to meet new people and it may actually be the best way to see Europe. It is also less stressful to travel this way because you do not have to try to read road signs in an unfamiliar language. And, it’s a great way to save time because you can jump on a train in the evening and in the morning you are in another city!

Two major train comparies are Eurostar, which has trains from London to Paris, and Rail Europe, which has packages around Europe. These companies can also help with hotels, if you need them, and other information about traveling on trains throughout Europe. Remember to stay safe, keep your stuff with you at all times, and sit back and enjoy someone else driving you to your next exciting European destination.


Train travel through Europe


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